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Medical Cannabis

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Medical Cannabis in Israel

by Way Of Life Cannbis

Growing medical cannabis in Israel requires a license issued by the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency of the Ministry of Health 

Way Of Life owns licence to  grow Medical cannabis goods in Moshav Aviel Israel

Additionally, we have created joint ventures with two more growing sites in Israel, they provide us with more cannabis plants when required

We grow, manufacture and distribute all of our products in accordance with the Israeli regulatory permits – GMP, GSP and IMC-GAP



cultivated in Israel, in highly advanced growing facilities, with cement floors and semi micro-climate which prevent pests and diseases and reduce the need for pesticides

The flowers then go through a vigorous drying and curing process which helps to bring out the most unique flavors and smells from the cannabis

The cultivating and packing process follows strict rules and regulations set by the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency of the Ministry of Health


Moshav Avial is a cooperative agricultural community of individual farms in the “Israel Toscana” area


We are a 3rd generation of farmers with over 60 years of agriculture experience


Existing infrastructure available to support operations


Phase 1: 140,000-sq. ft. greenhouse, 13,000 KG annually


Phase 2: 250,000-sq. ft. greenhouse, 23,000 KG annually

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